Memories of San Salvatore

Memories of San Salvatore. You can e-mail what to share to:

Help revive your memories, share your photographs, drawings, images, stories, or what you think useful to know and integrate our filing on the Church of San Salvatore.

The photos must meet some requirements:

      •    Faces cannot be recognizable;
      •    There must be clearly recognizable elements of the Church of San Salvatore;
      •    Photos must be focused, so much as possible
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      Below, a short photo selection from the Project,

 “L’arte per l’arte. La chiesa di san Salvatore a Campi di Norcia. Un contributo creativo alla sua ricostruzione” 

(“Art for Art’s sake. The Church of San Salvatore in Campi at Norcia. A creative contribution to its reconstruction”),

by Class 3A, “O. Metelli” Fine Arts High School, Terni, year 2016, Maria Cristina Marinozzi, as a teacher.

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translation by Rita Quaresima